Sorry I missed a week

It's that time of the week again. I know I missed it last week, sorry.

Person of the week.

This one is about no one famous, no one you know. In fact, I don't even know the man's name, but this man really made an impact on me.

When I was in community college everyday I would drive the same way to and from school. On one corner by the mall there would always be a homeless man or two holding signs, looking for money.

Most days I would avoid making eye contact because it was just easier. Some days I would give whoever was standing there that day something to eat.

One day I got stuck at the light. It was a warm day, my windows are down, and there's a man sitting right beside me. I am working hard not to pay attention, but finally we make eye contact.

For lack of anything better to do, I smile and say hello.

And he thanks me for making his day a little brighter. That's it. No awkwardness, no begging, just a smile.

I was able to see past the situation to the person.

Lesson learned: stop judging and start smiling.

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