The Five-O

I was part of one of the oddest traffic stops I have ever seen today.

I was driving down Union, a road I tend to speed on unless blocked by slow drivers. In the Springs, slow drivers seem to make up most of the population.

As I approached one of the worst intersections in the city, partially due to construction, I saw a copper waving someone off. Keep in mind he was walking through the street carrying his radar gun.

He waved the car in front of me on, so I groaned and pulled through the traffic cones to the side of the road. I had absolutely no clue how fast I had been driving.

As he approached the vehicle with his gun raised, ok - I just made the second part up, I rolled down the window.

"I wasn't waving to you. You can keep driving," he said.

My heart returned to its normal rhythm as I pulled back into traffic, safe to speed another day.

But seriously, why was he walking through traffic to pull people over. Safety first, I always say, and that wasn't safe.

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