Getting back on the horse

For the past five or six summers - well, since my the summer before my senior year of high school - my job has been mowing lawns.

I owned a mower before I owned a car. I study lawns like an artist studies paintings. I had REALLY bad tan lines with feet that looked like I was still wearing socks and thighs that never saw the sun. Swimsuits were not my friend.

This summer is the first that I am not returning to the Ham to continue mowing with my father. I have an internship that will run for July and, if I'm lucky or persistent, I will have a job following that.

But today I mowed. I gave my sister, who has stepped into my shoes, the day off and myself the chance to make some much needed cash.

And I can say I will definitely miss it.

There is something to be said for a job that allows a person to be outside all day everyday, stay partially in shape, and enjoy the good (and bad) weather.

This summer I will spend a majority of my time behind a computer making less money per hour than I ever did mowing. But my tan lines won't be hideous and I will be one step closer to a real adult life.

But I will miss my Toro mower, the time spent driving around town with my dad, and some of my favorite customers.

One of whom today told me there was something different about me. He said I had a sparkle in my eye and asked if I was in love. I told him I was still looking for it and tried to hold back my laughter.

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