Sweet Potatoes, again

I'm going back to my sweet potato kick for this one.  I'm all about sweet potatoes in the fall and winter, especially when the store down the street has them 2 lbs/$1.  My bank account and my belly win.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Scramble
I'd love to give you amounts, but I have no idea for this one. 

I diced and lightly sauteed onions, garlic, and peppers (red and green) until the onions became a little translucent.   
Then I added the sweet potatoes, peeled and diced, and cooked the mixture until the sweet potatoes were softened.  I seasoned it with curry and cumin.  
While the potatoes were cooking, I whisked together a couple eggs and milk.  Then I added the mixture to the skillet and cooked eggs through.  

Put it in a bowl and, voila, a delicious breakfast.

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