My Other Blog

I swear I'm not cheating on you all with another blog.  I mentioned last week that I had started up a blog for a class at school.  It's something I'm pretty excited about and wanted to share with all my readers here.

The blog is Using This, Not That over on Wordpress.  It's about my transition to making better choices in the products I'm using, both for environmental and personal health reasons.

I think it's easy to become passive as a consumer and it's really important for us to be critical of how, where, and on what we're spending our money.

I don't think there's one "right" way to live, but I do think we can also make small changes that will have an impact on our own lives and the world around us.  Those changes can even be easy and more cost effective than what we are currently doing.  For real.

I've published a total of four posts so far, so I'm pretty much an expert already (SF).

You can check out my latest post here.  I'd love to get your feedback, hear your knowledge, and have you call me out on anything that doesn't really make sense.


  1. Thumbs up for being a more ecological American! :)

  2. kinda liked what you have written . it just is not that easy to discover great stuff to read (you know really READ and not simply going through it like a zombie before going to yet another post to just ignore), so cheers man for really not wasting my time on the god forsaken internet. :)