Life's Little (annoying) Surprises

I had invited a friend over after we finished up a school project to have dinner.  She was following me home when I heard an thumping noise and felt my car veer right.

The passenger side front tire was completely flat.  As a pancake.

But we prevailed.

You can read more about our adventure over at C's blog for class, all about learning about car care.  I was so happy to provide her with easy blog material.

(For serious, go give my friend some love.)

I came home and made homemade mac 'n' cheese for some good comfort.  And drank wine.  It just needed to happen.

Luckily, today has been wonderfully relaxing and fun.  My dad came down for the day and we spent time thrifting, eating at a great Indian restaurant, going to a college basketball game, shopping a little, and getting fro-yo.  Many of my favorite things here in Seattle.

Now I'm relaxing and getting ready to meet up with friends at an Irish pub for some evening fun.  It's like I actually have a life down here in the Emerald City.  I kind of like it (even if I could go for a little more sleep).

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends like "whoa"!


  1. Which Indian place and which Irish Pub? Josh and I love Cedars in the U District and I've been to the Irish Pub in Post Alley with my girlfriends and it was so much fun! Have fun tonight!

  2. I should learn how to change a tire. After all, it's a practical skill to know.