Easy Breakfast Cups

I have another recipe for you today.  Though considering my measuring practices, 'recipe' may be a bit of a stretch.  My sister found the idea for this treat on Pinterest--the place that sucks all the time and has all the pretty things.  Here's our version:

I have no idea what to call this, but it's basically a breakfast sandwich in a muffin tin.  So there you go.

You start by flattening a piece of bread and shaping into the muffin tin.  We went with 5 for two of us and it ended up being pretty much perfect.  Next we layered in cheese, bacon (cooked), and sauteed onions and peppers.  Once you have all the filling, crack an egg over the top.  Bake at 350 until the egg sets.  Take breakfast sandwich muffins out of the tins and consume the deliciousness.

A couple notes: We ended up buying an oversized muffin tin for the second batch so we could get more goodies in each cup.  Also, I ended up using a scramble egg mixture (eggs and milk) the second time.  Be warned that the mixture will expand, so don't fill to the rim.

I would love to try this with biscuit dough instead.  Yum!

What fun dishes have you made lately?


  1. Those look like they would taste amazing.

  2. YUM! Can't really beat eggs over breakfast goodness. :) I'll have to try this one at home.

  3. I know what I'll be having for breakfast on Wednesday!!

  4. holy schnikeys those sound good. i want one now and i'ts 10:30 at night!

  5. Mmm these look great! I've been in such a breakfast rut lately, I'll have to try these. Pinterest is the best for finding new recipes!