Awkward and Awesome: Late Night List

I really need to start writing these things down throughout the week because I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting things when I try to recreate the week in awkward/awesome form.

Maybe someday I actually will.

- Getting the flattest of flat tires last week.
- My lack of motivation this week.  I've gotten everything done that I need to, but I can't help but think I could have done a better job.
- Trying to maneuver two people (a.k.a. my grandparents) and their wheelchairs.  It's not easy, I'll tell you that much.
- Meeting a ton of new people and trying to remember all their names.  I fail at that.
- I've driven over 2,500 miles in the past 2 months.  Me no likey.  So many gallons of gas.
- It's that point in the quarter where I really need to create some to do lists.  Otherwise, there is always some I forget.
- Class cancellations at work.  I need those dollars.  Not that I really hate sleeping in, but I'm not exactly swimming in money.
- The ADD nature of my digital life.  The iPhone is great, but sometimes I have trouble deciding whether to use my computer or my phone for certain things, like tweeting, when both are near by.  It's pretty much a first world problem.
- My sleep schedule.  If I fall asleep before midnight, it's pretty much a miracle.

- Puppy cuddles. I got to play with a friend's puppy tonight and loved every minute of it.
- Extra time off work.
- Fun times out with friends and the movies last weekend that included a trip to a dueling piano bar.
- Successfully putting a spare on with a friend and having my flat tire fixed for free at Les Schwab.
- Having really awesome guest speakers in grad school.  Jordan Weisman was in class this week.  Google his name.  Crazy cool.
- We still haven't turned on our heat in our apartment.  Nov. 17th and counting...
- Criminal Minds.  Intense.  But not safe for right before bed.
- My hair.  The length is awesome.  My curls are cooperating.  I often wake up and head out without doing anything--whether I should or not.
- Words With Friends.  I haven't won yet, but I still love playing.  I currently have about 6 different games going.  If you want a chance to win, I'm eewiley.


  1. I'm impressed by your no heat. Andy LOVES to turn the heat on when it gets just the tiniest bit cold (I think he turned ours on once back in September). I'm more than happy to bundle up in sweatshirts and blankets, but he gets cranky without the heat on. Stupid boys.

  2. Puppy cuddles! Miss those!

    You're most welcome to come and visit me in Israel when you can :)

  3. I don't have WWF because I have a Droid :( but I do have Wordfued, at which I am terrrrrrrible!

  4. I am super impressed you haven't turned your heat on yet ... I think I've had mine on for over a month. I'm a baby.

    I am also super jealous you're getting to watch Criminal Minds! I have to wait til Josh returns because I get too scared!