Awkward and Awesome: And so it goes.

I don't even have much to say right now, so I'll just let you read on.  Happy almost Friday!

- Day 2 of a headache that actually kept me from working yesterday. So instead I drove up north Tuesday night, hung out in bed/on the couch, and drove back down for class Wednesday afternoon.  Awesome.
- Having a ton of stuff due this next week.  It's time to buckle down and focus my energy.  You know, the energy sucked up by my head.
- My desire to stay in bed all the day long. It does not help with my productivity.  Not at all.
- How early it gets dark. It's like the day is over before it really gets going.  And I hate driving to class in the dark.  But just think, only three more months of this.
- The amount of blog reading and writing I do.  Between this blog and my blog for school, plus all of the blogs I try to follow it's pretty much out of control.
- Irritating my face with apple cider vinegar.  You can read more about on my "going green" blog.

- Whole Foods salad bar and Jamba Juice.  So good.  And healthy.  Everybody wins (except my bank account).
- Dumpster diving (or hectoring as my dad would say) with friends from grad school (also having friends from grad school) that resulted in free chocolate.
- Being able to wear my sister's pants. This is a new development that brings so much wardrobe joy.
- Getting tickets from a friend to see some college basketball this weekend. So sweet!
- Power reading through two chapters before class last night.
- My cousins adorable little baby.  I can't wait to meet him!!!
- Payday!
- Getting one of two presentations done for the quarter last night.  Also, feeling pretty good about my grade for that class.  Now I just need to build a website, no big deal.


  1. I'm thinking a trip east is definitely needed soon--to get our hands on that baby!

  2. Love it!
    I'm sorry about your headache... When I'm tired, it saps the whole day.
    And about the time change, I KNOW! I hate waking up and it's already bright and sunny. Before, when it was dark, I felt like I got so much accomplished before the sun rose. Now I feel like I slept in but without the benefit of extra sleep.
    So, apple cider vinegar = no bueno? I was thinking of trying it....

    Stupid Whole Paycheck. I have a love/hate relationship with that store...