Recent Food Stuff

Now that I don't live with the padres, I actually cook now and again.  I try to cook ALL the time, so I just make really big batches and feast of leftovers.

Anyway, I thought I'd highlight a couple dishes I've cooked recently that turned out really, really delicious.  And that I want to keep eating.

I should warn you that I don't actually cook by recipe much, unless I something pretty specific and new in mind.  But I'll do my best to estimate for you.

First up are Sweet Potato Enchiladas.  I'm seriously addicted to sweet potatoes.  You'll see it a few times.

To make these I peeled, cut, and roasted three semi-large sweet potatoes.  To roast, I left in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.  While the sweet potatoes were roasting, I sauteed diced onion (1/2 an onion) and minced garlic (3 cloves--I love garlic!), added already cooked black beans (1 can) to let the flavor mix and stirred them into a bowl with corn (1 can, but I prefer frozen).

Once the potatoes were done,  I heated tortillas to make them easy to work with.  I opened up my enchilada sauce (1 large can, from scratch was not in the plans for this project) and spread a little along the bottom of the pan.  Then, one-by-one, I filled tortillas with the sweet potatoes and vegetable mixture and rolled them up in the pan.

When the pan was full, I topped it with the remaining enchilada sauce and lots of grated cheese.  I cooked the enchiladas at 350 for about 25 minutes--long enough for the cheese to melt and bubble.

A few notes: I probably wouldn't use the corn again, certainly not from the can.  And I'd be tempted to add sauteed mushrooms.  But then, I'm as addicted to mushrooms as I am to sweet potatoes.  Finally, the enchilada sauce is pretty key.  Make you pick a tasty one.  I got El Pato and really liked it.

That's the recipe for this week.  I'll do my best to continue share things I'm making.  You know, the ones that actually taste good.


  1. Yum! I love enchiladas. I make what I like to call "enchilasagne" where instead of wrapping your filling in your tortillas you just use the tortillas kind of lasagne sheets. Sweet potato in the filling would be totally yum!

    Canned corn gives me the creeps.

  2. Drooooolllll... I want. So much. That looks amazing.