Fall Fashion Week: Slow Start

sunnies: Sketchers, tank top: Marshalls, 
jeans: Old Navy, shoes: Seychelles, 
bag: Lucky Brand

My plans this week have already been derailed a little.

I went wine tasting yesterday with good friends (more on that later) and hoped to get a picture of my outfit, but then I came home and spent the even sick. I was sleeping in between bouts of sickness starting at 7pm.

So pictures of that outfit aren't going to show up today.

Instead, I'm falling back on this shot from Fashion Night Out from much earlier in the month.  But I could have been wearing this yesterday as well.  It did get up to 80, as it's supposed to today as well.  The rest of the week should seem much more fall-like, as the rain is supposed to start up on Sunday.

I do find it somewhat fitting to be using a picture from Fashion Week for our Fashion Week.  And hopefully tomorrow I'll come back ready for the next six days.

Head over to Emery's blog to join in the fun!


  1. Cute shoes girly! Sorry you weren't feeling well.

  2. Love that top - and your hair! Wish I had gorgeous hair as yours, it's the best acessoire.

    Get well soon!

  3. lovely top & cute shoooooes!! I am so sorry you are feeling yucky. I'm so glad you're joining in!!

  4. Oh no, you got sick?! Lame. But our day was lots of fun :-)

    Love this outfit! Those shoes are super cute.

  5. I love your shoes and bag! They are the perfect compliments to your jeans and top, which are also great! So glad to meet you!

  6. Love the tank top!!! Wine tasting sounds so fun, I've been dying to go to one!! Hope you are feeling better.

  7. bummer, feel better! That top is adorable and is this at poppes?

  8. Sorry you weren't feeling well :(
    I covet that top, big time!

  9. Cute jeans, all rolled up! It's an awesome look with sandals.

  10. I'm a little jealous that your legs are long enough to roll your jeans and look fabulous! {I tend to look like a hobbit when I try that}

    I love this look no matter WHEN you wore it!
    Hope you're feeling better, girly.