Awkward and Awesome: Heavy on the Wednesday

I'm going to work hard to not let the Wednesday I had not to overpower this list, but it won't be easy.  Sometimes there are just days full of stuff.  You know?

(I actually just briefly flirted with the idea of giving you a Wednesday run down, but decided to stick with the same old Thursday format.  I like things to go expected...always have.  Seriously, it's in my baby book.)

- having a nail in my tire in such a place that the tire has to be replaced.
- taking my car to the dealership and not hearing from them for over 3 hours.  We also played a couple exciting rounds of phone tag before I even dropped it off.
- having a computer die during lecture in class.  While the professor is speaking and my teammate was supposed to be typing.  Professional.
- receiving an email asking you a question you've answered previously.  I feel like a jerk pointing out that I already told the person.

- going back to work. The money alone is enough to get me excited.  But I actually really enjoy the challenge work brings me.  Ask me if I feel the same come November with school on top of it.
- having my tire still covered by warranty and not being charged for the labor.  Thank you Honda dealership.
- downloading a free copy of Microsoft Office 2011 because I'm in school.  There better be some perks for the tuition I'm paying.
- coming back home every week.  I'm not paying to do laundry if it kills me.  Never have, never will.  (Knock on wood.)
- really delicious pad thai at a whole in the wall restaurant here in Seattle.  (Although I may order a little less spice next time.)
- cookie dough.


  1. A free copy of Microsoft Office? Oh man... what I wouldn't give for that! That's awesome!

  2. Yum I love Pad Thai! And you should enjoy all the free things you are able to download while you are in school! It sure was nice :)

    You should check to see if you can get Photoshop!

  3. Paying for laundry totally sucks. This is my first time having my own washer and dryer in YEARS and it's amazing.

    Also, I am totally jealous you are in Seattle. I love it there.