Fall Fashion Week: Magenta

I don't have many words today.  There's been some frustration to deal with and I don't really want that to spill out here.

And tomorrow's going to be a long day, that includes my very first grad school class.  6-10pm.

So I'll just leave you with my outfit for today.

And a reminder to head over to the fabulous Emery's blog to see what everyone else is wearing!

(Guest starring our springer spaniel, Jamaica.)
Outfit details:
cardigan & shirt: Gap, skirt: J. Crew 
tights: Hue (Macy's), shoes: Rocket Dog 
purse: (thrifted and gifted by my cousin)
necklace: purchased at Portobello Market in London
glasses: SpexClub


  1. Those tights are dreamy! Good luck with your class today, hon.

  2. aw man I am sorry to hear your day was so hard! I hope those adorable tights help bring a smile to your face today. :) so cute!

  3. I'm sorry about your frustrations. I hope your classes go well!
    You're the perfect mix of professional take-me-seriously and look-at-my-awesome-tights, you-should-come-talk-to-me-cuz-I'm-unique :)

  4. Pretty purple tights! Hope your day goes great!

  5. boo for frustrating days. yay for adorable tights and dogs with cool names! have you ever thought of beading her hair? I think dread locks would make the name more fitting ;)

  6. I absolutely love all of the accessories you have. The glasses, the necklace, the tights, oh my!

  7. What a cute name for a dog! And those are some knockout tights. I need to begin investing in some colorful tights, myself.

    Hope your class goes well tonight! I vaguely remember my first grad school class...

  8. Sorry it's been frustrating lately. Vent if you need to, but sometimes it's just better to get away from it.

    Those tights are a great pop of color.

  9. You're adorable - even if when you're frustrated. Hope it all blows over soon!

  10. Those tights and that sweater!! I love the colour combination. You look adorable!

  11. I'm such a lover of bright tights! Love this!