Fall Fashion Week: In a Rush

Lucky for you all, it's time for a sneak peak of the apartment (I've been here long enough I can't even call it new anymore).  It's the sidewalk out front.  Yay!

As you may or may not be able to tell, I'm a little loopy right now.  I woke up late this morning and haven't really been able to relax since.  There was work, driving, school, more work, and now a blog post.

And the blog post is definitely taking the smallest chunk of time.  And now that I think about it, that's a good thing.

It should be noted that today was a little warm for tights, except for walking to my car this morning and after class tonight.  Also not pictured is the cardigan worn during those brief periods.  You'll have to get over my omission.

Don't forget to visit Emery's blog (I'm a terrible person for not including the cool button this whole time) and check out all the beautiful women.  I'll be back tomorrow to actually look at some outfit posts.  Today was a big of a lost cause for that.

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments!

(Something really weird is going on with my chin/neck here.)
Outfit Details:
dress: no clue, maybe a gift, Mom?
tights: Hue, boots: Steve Madden

As you can see I went light on the accessories.  I had my white watch on, but the battery died a little before 2pm.  Oh well.

Also, these photos were taken in about 30 seconds by my sister.  Not picture: my curtsy.  I did it too quickly for her to catch on camera.  I'm a ninja.  A curtsy ninja.

On that note, I really, really should go to bed.  Happy Thursday!


  1. I love me some Steve Madden boots. They're so comfortable!

    And it shows- I wear mine all the time and really need a new pair...

  2. this outfit looks so cute and comfy. i love it!

  3. Jealous you get to wear tights. We're knocking on triple digit weather down here. LOVE that color on you! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh what a beautiful dress! LOVE that color. Would you call it fern?

    I've been considering trying it myself this season, and I do have a tank top in a similar color, but I shop by catalog and website, and sometimes, you just can't tell with the greens, you know?

    Hope your grad school class went well!

    "She's Dressed in Yellow..."

  5. Oh, I love the green. It's a favorite of mine and you look great in it! Also, I dig the tights and boots. Very cute and stylish- even for a quickie! :)

  6. What a fun and cute dress for fall. It looks great paired with tights.

  7. I love the whole look but especially the color of the tights!

  8. Another great colour combo!! Too cute.

  9. Love, Love, Love those boots! Cute outfit!!

  10. love those boots and that green looks a-mazing on you! [and thank you for your kind words.]

  11. adorable dress and boots!! you look so pretty in green!

  12. heehee curtsy ninja. that's funny.

    grey and green- two of my favorite colors! lovely combination.

  13. That sounds like most days for me recently.
    Breathe...Gotta remember.... Breathe!
    EEEEEEE! That dRESS!? Make your mom get me one too! That is just so freakin' fantastic. I've not had so much dress envy for as long as I can remember. Le sigh.

  14. i wish i could have seen the curtsy ninja! the neckline and color of this dress look fabulous on you!

  15. Love the color of the dress and boots make practically every thing better. At least for me. I would live in boots if it would not give me heat stroke 75% of the year. :D

  16. You're a curtsy ninja??? That is awesome. I can safely say that you are the FIRST curtsy ninja I've ever known!!!!