Along Came Life

I thought I'd be absent, you know, because I was moving and didn't have internet.

Then my computer had to get a new hard drive, which luckily was covered by my warranty, but still resulted in all my data being stuck on a small piece of hardware beyond my reach.  I just don't have those skills.

And someday, when I'm not traveling cross-state in an uninsured car, moving harvest vehicles, carrying millions of boxes to the recycling, trying to fit all my stuff in a space that's too small, and generally not getting enough sleep, I'll get the data transferred.

But for now, you get posts with words, just like it used to be in the olden days, before I had a fancy camera and when I didn't really have a plan or any real direction for this thing called a blog.

And yes, you're right.  I still don't have a plan or a direction for the blog.

But I do have a nice camera.  And occasionally I remember to take pictures.  You've probably even spotted a few.  (Or, as was the case with Europe, a lot of pictures.)

For now, though, I'm going to enjoy the second half of a long weekend, the fact that I do have a fully functioning, much cleaner than I left it computer back (and yes, there probably should be a few dozen dashes in that last sentence).

See I have plans, for BBQ lunches, movies, more unpacking (*sigh*), continuing to drive an uninsured car (very safely), and other shenanigans.

Plus I have a fantasy draft to study up for.  I have the second pick, so I feel some pressure.

I hope you all are enjoying a natural disaster free, gorgeous weather filled, generally fun long weekend.

As someone who spent an hour this morning eating dust from three combines, a tractor pulling a grain bin, one semi, and a Ford pick-up, I know I am.

And, as should be obvious by this post, I'm also writing very concise, clear sentences.  (Was that redundant?)

As I once told my mom, "it's not that I'm uncapable."


  1. sometimes a camera is all you need :)

  2. Glad you're back! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

  3. Oh, E. It's good to have you back.