Fall Fashion Week: Finally Fall

Before I get started with my outfit, here's my life post, I just wanted to say I love the community happening this week.

I love that all these bloggers, from all over, who cover all different topics, are sharing and supporting each other.  I feel truly blessed to be meeting you all and receiving your encouragement.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, commented, or joined in on Emery's page.

I've mentioned this before, but in my neck of the woods autumn means rain.  And today it meant a lot of wind.  I was lucky enough to never lose power, but other people did.

Add to this weather scenario the fact that I didn't pack a raincoat when I headed north from my apartment to stay with parents before working today (Monday), and, well, there's the potential for a weather-related mishap.  (Worst sentence construction ever, I know.)

Luckily my mom cleared up my coatless quandry by conferring on me her completely cute raincoat.  (That was to make up for the previous sentence and was helped by thesaurus.)  And it went with the outfit I had packed.  Double win.

(As a side note, my mom's blog is a great daily devotional type read.  If you like that type of thing.)

(Also, try to forgive me my hair, which has successfully avoided shampoo for a third day.  I don't do early morning showers.  Sleep always wins.)

So a day that started with the possibility of disaster ended up pretty darn good.

Feel free to join in Fashion Week over at Emery's blog.  It's not too late!

Here's what I wore:
 (see, super cute--thanks Mom!)
 And a close shot of the earrings for your enjoyment:
Outfit Details:
shirt: purchased on my trip to Finland
cardigan: a gift from Mom a couple years ago,
jeans: Nordstrom (gift from Mom), 
boots: Steve Madden (via DSW),
earrings: Silpada


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE everything about this outfit, & that top is FABULOUS!! :]

  2. those earrings are a lot of fun. =)

  3. I love your Mom's coat on ya. And I know I've said this before, but that top is just so cool.

  4. oooooo i love everything! specially that cardigan and those earrings! so pretty chica!

  5. I love the length of the top with those jeans and boots! It is really flattering! Also, what a great coat!

  6. Oh wow, I love your outfit!! That really makes me want to strongly consider over-the-knee boots with leggings and a long tunic.

    And I'm glad there were no weather disasters.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!


  7. Loving the print on your top. And the coat is indeed a keeper... Anyway to smuggle it into YOUR closet for good? (he he, just kidding, Mom)

  8. That top is perfect. I love that print.

  9. I love the colors in your top! And don't you just love boots!! Cute!

  10. Cute top! Bright colors are just what you need for rainy days.

  11. Cute pattern and colors on your top!

  12. You're welcome for the raincoat...but No, you can't take it with you. Also, who ever took the picture did a totally awesome job.

  13. love the stripes and the jacket! you look great!

  14. Cuteeee! I love that top and those boots! :]

  15. I'm totally with ya on the showering..
    but your hair looks adorbs all put up so it's a win-win.
    speaking of adorbs (which is a word I hate so I use, go figure), that shirt! And jacket! Muy chic (like that mixing?)