Awkward and Awesome: And so it begins

- the transition to fall always feels a little abrupt to me.  Last week it was in the 80s.  Today it was windy, rainy, and fall-like.  I fought it by wearing a t-shirt without any short of long sleeved anything.  It's just so hard to give up summer for me.
- while my dad and I were out mowing today, we encountered a bat trapped in a garage.  I tried to encourage it to leave by swinging my dad's flannel shirt at it.  No success.  I probably just wound it up more.
- not being able to fall asleep.  I was, unfortunately, awake until after 2am this morning.  Then I was awake less than six hours later.  That's not okay with me.  Also, twitter is very boring at two in the morning.  It's like everyone's sleeping or something.
- I worked from home all week transcribing videos.  I was often still in my pjs at 4pm.  I'm not proud, but I wouldn't change the comfort level for the world.
- Forgetting my computer charger at my parent's house last weekend.  Luckily my roommate also has a Mac.  Bullet dodged.

- making some fun online purchases.  I got chai so my roomy CC can make up Starbuck's Dirty Chai Lattes (she was a barista).  I also got a few art pieces for the apartment.  Finally I got a bottle of wine, for about $5 out of pocket.  I feel so victorious.
- finally feeling settled (besides some decorating) in the apartment.  That also means pictures will be forthcoming.  I swear.
- fun plans for the weekend with some friends I've been trying to connect with for a while.  I can't wait for some good catching up.
- having our hot water heater fixed quickly last week.  We'd be resetting it over and over to get hot water.  Then the water was so hot it would burn our skin.  It was set to 190 degrees.  Perfect.  But it's fixed.  Yay!
- my roommate got a grill!  And our patio is covered.  That means BBQing can happen all year long.


  1. A Dirty Chai Latte? I want that too.

  2. I hate the transition. Mostly because there isn't one. One day it's summer.... then BAM. Winter blues set in...