Awkward and Awesome: From a new city

This week's line up of awkward and awesome is going to be good.  I've been moving and traveling, and if you have done either, you know how crazy things can get.

And I have feeling things aren't going to settle down anytime soon.  What with real life starting back up, including the addition of school.  *gulp*  I mean, I'm excited, but that last time I wrote a real research paper...let's just say I don't remember it very clearly.

Anyways, on to this week's awkward and awesome.

- having a completely blank hard drive--no pictures, no music (except the one CD I added this weekend), and none of the programs I use so regularly (Word and Photoshop, for example).
- a hawk killed a pigeon on our patio the other night, and then sat there and feasted on it.  We still have feathers scattered around as a reminder.
- trying to fit all our stuff into our apartment, but also realizing how many things I am missing.
- not being able to work the intercom system for our apartment.  It's kind of like the way Christine and I had trouble with electronics all across Great Britain.
- having to reset our hot water heater to take hot showers.

- getting a new hot water heater installed tomorrow, hopefully.  Loving how prompt the landlord is.
- Fashion Night Out, which my sister and I attended, at UVillage here in Seattle.  We got swag bags (so fun!) and entered some fun giveaways.  We also might have made a few purchases.
- the fact that my hard drive replacement was covered by my warranty, of which there were ten days left.  Thank you Apple.
- feeling mostly settled in the new apartment.  I promise pictures are coming once we get some of the moving rubble cleared out.
- getting to help, just a little, with harvest over the weekend.  I drove the truck affectionately called BW (for Beats Walking) and was teased that I wouldn't want to drive anything else after that.
- finally getting our summer weather here in the PNW, you know, in September.  It's been over 80 degrees all week and I'm loving it.  Even if everyone else is ready for fall.

Awkward and Awesome:
- getting to keep my job back home, but having to make the 2.5+ hour round trip drive twice a week all quarter.  The money is totally worth it, but it will still be exhausting.  Another perk, I'll be able to do laundry at my parent's house every week instead of paying for it at the apartment.  And see the dogs.  (Okay, and see my parents. SF)


  1. Start listening to audiobooks on your commute and it won't seem as long. I started doing this a few years back when my drive time tripled and now I look forward to the drive so I can get my 'read' on.

  2. Can't wait to see your new place.

    And hoooorrrrrraaaaaaaaaay for swag bags!!!