Today, I'm feeling very thankful for my job.  It's awesome in so many ways.

I get student breaks, I get an excellent hourly wage, I get to sit in on (some) interesting classes, and my hours are flexible.  I work only when I'm available.  Or only when I want to be available.

What is this magical job?  You're probably wondering.

I've talked about it before, but I'll do a quick recap.  (I don't want to bore people by repeating myself over and over.)  I'm a transcriber providing communication access for deaf and hard-of-hearing students at the local university.

I was lucky enough to get the job through a friend and didn't even have an actual interview.  I've been working for almost two years now, which is rather hard to believe.

This isn't my forever job, and it certainly isn't perfect, but in a lot of ways this job is awesome.  I can definitely use that reminder occasionally.

On an unrelated note, I'm thankful the sun is shining today.  It is beautiful.


  1. That does seem like a pretty awesome job.

  2. Today is just a thankful type of day. Your job sounds like every day is interesting.

  3. Good reminder -- I definitely need to be more thankful for my job!

    So, do you sign or do you take notes? Your job sounds so interesting!

  4. That sounds like a good job to me =)