This is Why I Wear Stretchy Pants

This is the first Thanksgiving that I legitimately cooked.  My mom and I double-teamed it.

We also had a game plan going into today, which helped things run really smoothly.  We also had some help from some cooking powers.  Martha Stewart inspired us to add reisling to our turkey brine, Paula Deen helped us create a much improved green bean casserole, and Bobby Flay gave us my new favorite dessert (pumpkin bread pudding).

Seriously, the bread pudding.  I may come up with reasons to make it in coming days, weeks, months, etc.  Pumpkin bread cooked in vanilla-bean infused cream, topped with caramel sauce and homemade whipping cream.

Foodgasm.  I don't care if I made that word up; it still happened.

Now I need to rest up for Black Friday.  My sister and I have a list and a plan of attack.  We will not lose!

Today I'm super thankful for my mom who works hard even when she feels like crap, my dad for making endless chauffeur trips, my brother for his endless humor and ability to sleep through our craziness, and my sister for her partnership in crime, er shopping.

I also loved spending the day with extended family: my aunt and uncle, grandpa and grandma, and cousins.

Thanksgiving might just be my top holiday.


  1. pumpkin bread pudding sounds fantastic! I will definitely look up that recipe. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm so glad it went smoothly!!! Enjoy your shopping :)