Isn't It Ironic (Don't Ya Think)

After yesterday's less-stuff-is-probably-better post, I'm following up with a few gift guides online that have been immensely helpful in my gift search.  Hence, the Alanis Morissette reference in my title.

But it's Christmas, and it's for others (mostly), and I love gift giving.

There are a lot of great guides out there.  By a lot of great bloggers.

Here's where you can find a few:

  • One of my favorite bloggers, Krystal, has a great round up over at her blog, Village.
  • She also contributed one of a handful of guides at Chic 'n Cheap Living.  Look for Part 2 in addition to the link for Part 1 that I provided.
  • OC Family featured a great line-up of sites with great gifts that support great causes.
  • El Vintage, who I've mentioned before and has her own etsy, featured some of her favorite gift finds from Etsy.  
There are more guides out there, I just know it.

I've found all of these helpful and I thought I'd give you a (almost, not quite) handful of options to get you started.

Today I'm thankful for 4 more days of work before my Christmas break begins.  I. Can. Not. Wait.  But I will anyways.

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  1. aw thanks for the shout out!! i made a page at the top to host them all. there are SO MANY!
    guess i should start actually shopping now...:)