Getting a Jumpstart on Thanksgiving

One of the perks of deciding to drive home a day later was tagging along with my cousins, aunt and uncle to Thanksgiving dinner with the other side of their family.

(Wow that was a long sentence.)

Grandma R. hosted the dinner, served up potluck style.  With a large, extended family, this meant lots and lots and lots of food.  Really, really delicious food.  Sweet and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, jams, and more--all homemade.  Not to mention about 5 or so different desserts.

It was a feast.

Grandma R. had even decided to make a ham in case there wasn't enough turkey to go around.  (Packages of turkey were packed up afterwards for leftovers.)

Now Mom and I have started preparing for Turkey Day.  Today we put the turkey (all 24 lbs. of it) in a brine, made cornbread for stuffing, and baked pumpkin bread for our pumpkin bread pudding (a la Bobby Flay).

Tomorrow will be a big prep and cleaning day with a few errands thrown in for good measure, as we have family coming into town in the evening.

And my sister makes it home tonight!

The only thing that would make this better if it wasn't freezing-your-digits-off cold and two weeks from when I'll have my camera off.

Today I'm thankful for the start of vacation!  Par-tay!


  1. Amen! I am so thankful for this break too. =D

  2. 24 pounds! 24! That's intense. I just bought a 4 pound turkey breast for me and my husband. I just want a little turkey for myself for turkey sandwiches. :) The real party will be at my aunt's house, where come to think of it I may end up with turkey there anyway. Have a good Thanksgiving!

  3. i just had a t-giving feast last saturday, it was heavenly.

  4. Nice work. You manipulated logistics to make sure you're even fed more than just once for Thanksgiving. I dig it. :)