Thankful for, Day 6

Today I'm thankful for our puppies.

I'm a huge dog person, meaning I love dogs and I love big dogs.  Our "small" dog, Jamaica, is a 50-pound English Springer Spaniel.
And she's adorably crazy.  Recently she's taken to silent protesting.  For whatever reason, she spends large chunks of time sitting in the backyard staring into the house.

We're not sure what the protest is about, but it is hilariously cute.

She recently got a haircut and we've left her bandana on for the heck of it.

Our second dog, Jackson, weighs somewhere over 100 lbs. and just turned 10-years-old.
Now that he's aged (a.k.a. isn't out of control), he's pretty much a big sweetheart.

He still likes to steal any human food left unaccounted for.  This week it was caramel sauce and chocolate chip cookie dough.

At this point in his life, he's pretty much immune to chocolate.  He just experiences hyperactivity.

He loves swimming the water (we should probably take him more), barking at any and all possible intruders, and having his bum scratched.  Jackson also hoards rawhides and prefers to greet us with something in his mouth.

I love our dogs, even if they can be pains in the rear end.
They are just so cute.  In a large, furry way.


  1. Your dogs look like so much fun! My husband would love a big, energetic dog, but I'm not sure our cat would appreciate that very much.

    I am so enjoying your thankful posts.

  2. too cute!! Big dogs are the best (I love our little guys but nothing beats a 95lb lap dog, thankfully we have one of those too!)

  3. haha! with the abs. that made me laugh :)

  4. Ahhhhhh I love your dogs! Your Springer looks my dad's dog, Regis, who sadly died last spring (he was an old pup, though, and lived a full life). So cute! I grew up with labs and love them, too.

    I can't wait to have a house/yard so we can have dogs. I love my kitties but can't wait to add to the crazy pet mix :-)

  5. Ohh - Love your dogs :) I could not live without mine! Great thanksful series too.