30 Days of Gratitude

(I kind of hate myself for that title.  Too corny.)
My new friend, Jessica, who I met through Fall Fashion Week is doing 30 days of gratitude.  Since November is Thanksgiving and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I decided to join in.

I can post for 30 days for NaBloPoMo and focus on being thankful.  Done and done.

Well, at least it sounds simple in theory.  As I told my mom, at least this way my posting will be guided somewhat.  I'm not sure that every post will be devoted to something I'm grateful for.  Who knows, I may have a really good story to share with you all.  I will, at least, include it in every post.

I know some people are partaking in No(shopping)vember or No(eating out)vember, but I'm pretty sure that's not realistic for me.  Also, I won't be doing 30 for 30 out of fear, but I will be following along that madness for funsies.

Or die trying.

So today I'm thankful for my rain coat.  It poured this morning.  The phrase "cats and dogs" comes to mind.

In fact, my hair was straight (I'm just about at the 72 hours mark from getting it dyed on Friday and can't wait to shampoo.) and now it most definitely is not.  I had a hat on so I'm left with greasy roots and curly, frizzy hair.

(This gratitude stuff is already harder than I thought.  I get too distracted, I think.  Actually, that was just a demonstration of how wet it was here, except for that whole greasy roots thing.)

So I'm really thankful to my rain coat.

Especially since those of us from the Pacific Northwest don't use umbrellas, which really is a somewhat silly statement to make, but I guess we must stand for something.

My clothes are dry.  Yay raincoat!  Around here, a raincoat is pretty much a necessity.


  1. Hmmm, I might have to take part in No shopping november! ha!

  2. I love rain at night. But in the mornings? Brutal. I stand there fixing my hair wondering what the point is, because I know as soon as I walk outside it's doomed. Thank goodness my hair always just ends up looking "long" no matter what I do with it... Blah...

  3. Bangs and rain are very, very bad together. I sympathize.

  4. Rain always ruins my day if I even have to leave the house. If I could stay inside every day that it rained I would be fine with rain! Haha. But in the Midwest there's probably too many rainy days, haha.

    I've been wanting a pair of rainboots so bad lately (I always inevitably ruin a pair of flats when it rains!), but maybe I need to invest in a raincoat to go with them! :D



  5. I love this idea! I know I definitely complain too much. And that rain sounds intense! I don't own an umbrella either, but that's because I only see rain a couple of times a year.