A Thankfulness Two Fer

It's Veteran's Day (a.k.a. November 11th), I'm celebrating my grandpa, for his service in WWII, and my (step) grandma, for her 92nd year of birth.

So I'm thankful for both of them.  We moved them, Grampie and Thyrza, to our town just over 10 months ago.  They had been living over 4 hours away and needed more help with things that come up in life.

And it's been a job to have them so close, even if it can be a little exhausting.

Grampie, who I mentioned in my basketball post, served in the Army during World War II.  He left college to fight the war, and almost wasn't allowed to join because he was too tall.

I don't come from short stock.

His mom actually had to make his uniform.  He even had a cot specially built for him.  That's some dedication to your country.  And I can quite imagine any of today's basketball stars fighting for the same chance.

Grampie's life was actually saved by dengue fever during the war, too.  He was sick in the hospital when his unit was ambushed and killed.

And Thyrza was born on Armistice Day.  In 1918.  She's 92.  That's a lot of life lived.

She's lived all over, the country and the world.

Thyrza has been part of our family for over 17 years.  She and Grampie married on Valentine's Day all those years ago, after they had both lost spouses to cancer.

We celebrated tonight with soda, pizza, and German chocolate cake (Thyrza's favorite).

Today I'm very thankful for our veteran's and for long, fruitful lives.


  1. Reading this really made me miss them!

  2. I'm so thankful too, this was such a good post.