A Deal (or two)

While most of what I purchased on Friday morning (a.k.a. the dead of night) was Christmas-related, I couldn't help pick up an item or two for myself.

My favorite purchase was these boots from JC Penney:
Aren't they adorable?!  A great color and I love the small wedge.  These will be well used throughout the holiday season.

And they are $30.  So nice.

A lot of JCP's boots were discounted to $30 for Black Friday.  My sister also snagged a pair for herself and as a Christmas present for someone else.

Hers are snazzy, too.

Let's all use the word snazzy more.  Okay?

Today I'm thankful that there's still one more day of weekend left.  I don't feel like I've recovered entirely from the gorging and unnecessarily early shopping.

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