Etsy Shopping Specials

Black Friday isn't just happening in stores or on the big sites, it's happening on etsy, too.

I thought I'd spotlight a couple shops from people whose blogs I follow.

First up is Tumbleweeds.  They have the cutest collection of little treasures and other vintage pieces on their etsy shop.  Adorable!

Use the coupon code "tumbleweed" to get 20% off.  Buy before Dec. 1st to get your purchases wrapped and delivered for Christmas.

El Vintage is also having a Black Friday sale.  But only go visit her etsy if you like amazing vintage clothing and accessories.  You may find yourself wanting it all!

Get 15% off through Dec. 15 using the coupon code "precious."  There are also a ton of items already on sale (which won't be discounted further).

As an unrelated, yet Black Friday related, deal, Amazon is marking down a handle of mp3 albums every day.  To way cheap (think $1.99).  And these are good albums.  I got John Legend and KT Tunstall today.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  If not, you should definitely start online, and miss out on the crazy crowds.


  1. thanks for the links! I hadn't heard of tumbleweeds...and i looove el vintage :)

  2. ps i have started! go me! doing it all online though so i don't have to worry about bringing it all to the US in a suitcase!

  3. thanks for sharing...gotta love deals! i am actually almost done all my christmas shopping so i might just be treating myself!

  4. my goal is to definitely get a huge portion of my christmas shopping done online. thank gawd for technology.

    & omg! thanks for the tip on the amazon mp3 deals. I will definitely check them out!!