The Open (and snowy) Road

I'm feeling a little tired, not because I've worked that much this week but because I haven't gotten enough sleep recently.  You know, the thing that usually makes you tired.

I'm driving across the state tomorrow, it's supposed to snow, and I'm taking my Civic Hybrid, which is not known for its performance in the snow.

Can you tell I'm excited?

That said, I am really looking forward to the weekend.

I get to spend time with family, my cousins, my sister, my aunt and uncle.  I get to eat good food (and help make it).  I get to look at (and probably buy) beautiful jewelry.

I may even catch up with a friend or two along the way.

So you see, my life isn't actually all that rough.

I plan to make the journey as enjoyable as possible with some good eats, at least one egg nog latte, and good tunes.  I'm putting together a good playlist right now.

If you had to pick a roadtrip soundtrack, what would it include?

Today I'm thankful for Friday, but I'm pretty sure that's true for everyone.  I'm also thankful for puppy cuddles and my Fuggs.  (They keep my toes warm.)


  1. Drive safely! Hondas actually do pretty well in the snow. The front wheel drive helps. Hopefully the roads will be cleared even if it snows.

    I have to have Paul Simon on my road trips. Graceland is the best driving song ever. Tom Petty is pretty good, too.

  2. I'm definitely excited that it's Friday too.

    Have a safe trip, and I love 80's music for roadtrips.

  3. happy w/e! I hope you're all safe and sound at your destination :)