The Big Freeze

Well, the good news is that I made it home.  I was also driving early enough in the day that I missed the worst of the Seattle roadways.

(I've heard of some people who haven't even made it home yet down there.)

That's not to say it was a fun drive.  The pass was actually easier than most of the driving on the west side of the state.

I didn't think the freeways seemed that slick, but apparently a number of cars disagreed with me.  I saw probably 6-7 accidents on my drive up the freeway, including multiple semis and at least two with flipped vehicles.

I also managed to leave my SLR camera on the east side of the state.  But my aunt and uncle have promised to take pictures for me.  I was going to post a couple pictures from the trip over on Friday, because it was absolutely sunny and gorgeous.  Apparently that won't happen.  At least not in the near future.

Now we're hunkered down under blankets and with multiple layers on.  My room doesn't really get heat, so I'll probably just keep all these layers on and climbed into bed tonight.

The high tomorrow is around 20 degrees (farenheit).  I'm just trying to figure out how to layer most appropriately.

Tonight I'm thankful for a warm (mostly) place to sleep, a safe drive home, and a delicious dinner in my belly.


  1. And so the excitement of winter driving begins...


  2. Are you frozen?
    Did you get your camera back?

    huh? huh? huh?


  3. i do NOT miss driving in winter drama, so nice to not have to take cars since we ride trains here!