I was in Sea-Tac for two hours this afternoon without internet, yet I still worked on my blog. If that’s not dedication (or boredom), I don’t what is.

Enjoy my experience!

- - - - -

I have purchased my overpriced water, overpriced candy, and normally-price magazine. I am ready to sit down and waste an hour and a half before I have to board.

Traveling alone is an interesting experience. I always feel alone while not being alone at the same time.

I am surrounded by hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people. I don’t speak much, but there are occasional moments of bonding with my fellow passengers.

As I waited in the security line for my turn to put my bags on a conveyor belt and walk through the metal detector, a man grab three tubs and cut in front of myself and another woman.

It would have been one thing if he had all of his stuff out, ready to go, and both of us were still trying to get organized. But he wasn’t even ready, and then he set the detector off. She and I exchanged eye rolls and muttered under our breaths.

So there are moments, but there is also a good chance that I won’t have a real conversation for the next six hours. Unless I get lucky with who sits beside me.

I also hate dealing with the bathroom at the airport. Everytime I fly I try to avoid carrying too much onto the plane with me, but invariably I have a purse, a bag, a jacket, and other numerous loose items to juggle. And you can’t leave your things alone, that’s rule #1. It’s just a hassle if you ask me.

Grrr…pony-tail man across the way feels it’s perfectly acceptable to force everyone around him to listen to his music. My headphones are coming out.

At one point the pay phone rang for about five straight minutes. Why would someone give that number out? Unless they were Tom Hank’s character in Terminal.

The man sitting next to me on the plane has a name tag labeling him evanglist and is wearing a grey polyester suit. The outfit is completed by a fedora-style hat and what appears to be a small cooler. Luckily I didn't have to explain that I am already saved as he spends most of the flight asleep.

Taco Bell was closed on the drive home. The drive thru wasn't even open, and was blocked by yellow caution tape to eliminate confusion. I had to settle for Arby's for dinner. The only good news, I had exact change for the transaction. Pretty exciting.

I made it back. Mission accomplished. Now I have to get up and go to work tomorrow.

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