I need to start out with the admission that I am probably not going to be posting as often as I have in the past. It's just a reality we all must come to live with.

Now, on to the main event...

I have very little to complain about. So seriously if I get whiney, just tell me to shut up.

There is this woman I know that has had to deal with more crap than anyone I know.

She had diabetes; has had two kidney transplants, the second also involving a pancreas transplant (hence, the diabetes being past tense); she got cancer because of meds she was on for transplants; she had her leg amputated because her circulation is poor due to the diabetes and while in the hospital for the transplant she hit her head and lost the sight in one of her eyes.

She is one of the most fragile people I know but at the same time, the toughest.

Through it all she has had an amazing attitude. When she was told they were amputating her leg she asked that they not schedule during a basketball game so she wouldn't miss it.

Basically, I suck because I am worried about what I am going to do with my life, and this amazing woman is getting the most out of the not-so-nice life she has.

So seriously, next time I start griping just slap my face. My life is pretty good.

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