The Other End

I am going to opposite direction from my last blog. Well, maybe not complete opposite but definitely a different angle.

So, politics.

This an area I would normally cover in my blog. Generally speaking I like to stick to the personal, but as we all are well aware, it's an election year.

I have been wavering in my choice. That's not actually the right word. I have been undecided.

I am the voter who likes to be informed, but instead of just going out and doing my research I hide behind the "I don't know any of the candidates well enough" excuse.

This year, maybe even more than four years ago, is a pivotal election. Our country obviously has some major hurdles that will need to be overcome in the near future, beyond a war we should or shouldn't be fighting. Climate change and what that means for agriculture. The economy, social security, medicare and the effect those will have on my generation as we age.

There are so many things that need to change.

I'm not even talking about hot button issues, which thankfully have not taken a front seat in this election.

I truly believe that a leader's response to adversity is a telling thing. I was impressed recently by Barack Obama. If you didn't see or read his speech in response to inflamatory statements by his paster, you should.

I'm not telling you that he's the one we should be electing as president. That choice should be yours alone. Do your research, evaluate the candidates, and make your choice.

And read this speech as part of that.


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  1. Hi E,

    I ‘m a teenager from Greece and I learned about your blog by accident.

    It is truth that all problems of our world begin from USA. USA is the strongest country and it ‘s a pity that there is not another country as strong as USA at the moment (to be honest Russia cannot hit USA).

    Also, it is truth that the elections in USA are very important for whole planet. A person in Greece said: «Either Americans are the only clever people in our world with an idiot governor, or the Americans are the only idiot people in our world with a clever governor». However I don’ t think that matters what party will govern the USA… Unfortunately, either the party of republicans either this of Democrats win the election the governing of USA will be the same. Wars at the name of democracy (which costs so many human lifes daily) will not be stopped, the pollution of our planet will not be stopped, the decrease of our rights will not be stopped. It is a matter of profit.

    Some concepts from Greece with love,
    Λογω-τέχνης (=Because of art)