Foray into the Superficial

I generally attempt to avoid being superficial in my blog. I try not to focus on the material, the physical, but there is something to be said for physical beauty.

Here at my place of residence there is a constant rotation of temporary visitors. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we lose out, we being interns, in more than one way. Let me give an example of each.

Losing out...our building was overtaken, and perhaps still is but know I'm distracted, by what seemed like hundreds of youth from an unknown sport. They took over the common room, often times locking us, the semi-perminant residents, out.

Needless to say, there was not peace and happiness in all the land.

Getting lucky...currently a majority of the rooms down the hall are occupied by athletes of the aquatic nature. Athletes of the highest level, who feel perfectly comfortable walking around in their underwear.

It's hard to mind that sort of view. Better go enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Here ends my superficialness...probably.

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