70 today, snowing tomorrow

I know I've been slacking off in my blogging efforts recently. In my defense I haven't had a day off since last Sunday, won't until a week from today, and my dad has been visiting.

That said, how long does it really take to write a couple hundred words? (rhetorical question in case you're confused)

I resumed my stalker lifestyle this weekend. Today I interviewed eight different people. In less than six hours. I am getting good, so you should probably watch out.

Like I mentioned, my dad has been in town the past couple days, which has been wonderful. Not only have been enjoying hanging out with him (he is one of the funnier people I know) but I also got a tank of gas, an oil change, a new jacket, and a meal out of the deal. Yay for dads!!!

As the title of this blog implies, it was 70 degrees in Colorado today. I wore a t-shirt all day. Never had to put on a jacket. And it's March. Crazy!!!!

Of course, tomorrow it is supposed to snow. Go figure. The land of Rockies has some of the crazier weather that I have seen. Not that I am complaining about today, at all.

Other than that, life isn't all that exciting. Maybe someday soon I'll have a good story for you, but for now I am going to get back to Snatch...the movie.

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