I sat down on my first day of vacation (I'm home for the weekend) with some free time and thought 'perfect, I can write an awesome blog.'

And so I sat. And sat. Nothing. My mind apparently is a blank slate.

Plus, I am in the basketball zone.

So here's a short story for you from my return home...

After what seemed like a day of travel, really it was only the evening, my parents, sister and I finally arrived at our home.

One of things I was looking forward to was seeing the dogs. One wound-up, one year old Springer Spaniel, and Jackson, a 110-pound yellow lab, white German Shepard.

We pull into the driveway and my mom opens the back door. Jackson rushes out jumping, whining, basically thrilled to see me. Jamaica, the springer spaniel, starts out the door and spots us. Immediately she is barking and trying to hide behind my mother.

Two and a half months is a long time. Especially when her brain is fairly small.

Five minutes later we were best friends again. It just took some time to access the memory bank.

But it's still cracking me up that the dog didn't recognize me. Plus, I am a pretty scary person.

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