Awkward and Awesome: Roadside

Hey everyone! I'm somewhere between Minneapolis, MN, and Rapid City, SD. You know, just a normal Thursday afternoon.

I thought I'd share some of the great and not-so-great moments from the past week.

- My check engine light coming back on. I haven't dealt with yet because of the long weekend and travel. Add it to the to-do list when I get home.
- Trying to walk home from the grocery store with coffee, a gallon of milk, and a bag. Then trying to open the door to my apartment. It took some balancing skill but I pulled it off.
- Being told that I went through my presentation slides too fast and having to go back through them.
- The number of parents that brought their kids on a 3.5 hour overnight flight. I would not want to be dealing with that exhaustion tomorrow.
- Taking off my shoes for airport security and realizing they don't smell so great.
- Getting an e-ticket sent to my phone (awesome!) but the airport security couldn't scan it. So much for saving trees.

- The really good sore feeling after lifting weights at the gym. And working up a good sweat. I've missed that.
- Getting compliments from my classmates after our presentation. I love that people are willing to ask questions, but also show you love. The people in my program are awesome!
- Drew's round-up posts of The Bachelorette. Seriously the funniest thing I've read in a while. Go check them out!
- Class getting out early enough that I had time to run home, eat ice cream, and change before heading to the airport.
- Our purchases while on the road today: growler of cold-presses coffee, buffalo skull, super sized container of Tootsie Rolls. That's how awesome the trip has been so far!
- Getting 3 more hours of sleep after getting to MN. So needed and wonderful.
- Feeling like I've got my blogging groove back. :)
- It's almost officially summertime. My favorite season of the year!

So, what were your awkward and awesome moments last week? (Bonus points if it makes me laugh!)


  1. Even with technology, it seems that processes aren't actually more efficient. I've had a few of those phone tickets take longer to scan than the pieces of paper.

    Hooray for a blogging groove. I think I have found mine again too!

  2. SUPER-SIZED CONTAINERS OF TOOTSIE ROLLS?!!? Now I'm really jealous! I'd even fly to South Dakota for them (and possibly eat buffalo skull...but I can't promise).

  3. i hate when ppl turn around and just read the powerpoint presentation to us. i just need it to be exciting i guess...like a 5 year old kid! hehe

  4. "Our purchases while on the road today: growler of cold-presses coffee, buffalo skull, super sized container of Tootsie Rolls. That's how awesome the trip has been so far!"

    yummmmm! Now that's my kind of road trip!

  5. I could not be more ready for summer. It's always a long wait for us up in the NW, but this year I feel like we really earned it.

    Glad your awkward to awesome ratio for this trip has been a solid 2:1!

  6. The part of taking off your shoes really does sux :/

  7. aw, 3 extra hours of sleep. nothing beats it!
    xo TJ

  8. Excellent round up! I totally just had an almost-awkward with the airport scanning my barcode on my phone. It died 23 seconds after they scanned it. Phew! And I HATE juggling groceries and walking home. Ick! I just did a run-through of my presentation with my boss and, just like my mom, she goes, 'You need to SLOOOO-OOO-OOOWWW DOWN." It's TORTURE. I think, 'Okay, go slower, got it' like 4x before they're finished enunciating the first word.