One Last Pile of Photos

I thought I'd share the last few photos from my trip. It has only been a week and a half since I got home so that's not too bad.

These are from Pittsburgh, Lisbon, Cleveland, and Erie (with a couple thrown in my from brief stint at the airport/Marriot in Philly. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks for all your comments yesterday!! I'm glad I'm not alone in those struggles sometimes when it comes to blogging.

 Loved all these old buildings in Pittsburgh.
 A shot of downtown from across the river by the stadiums (stadia?).
 The riverfront area was gorgeous.
 A sandwich from the famous Primanti Bros (pictured below). Slaw and fries included inside.
 This spot has been open since the '30s and stays open 24 hours a day year round.
 How we travel.
 Hello from a sandwich.
 Republican headquarters in Lisbon, Ohio.
 Awesome old Ace Hardware with glass jars of gardening seeds.
 And really cool built in cabinets.
 The oldest brick building in Ohio, found in Lisbon.
 A shot of the Cleveland skyline at night.
 University Inn, our dinner spot, full of Polish deliciousness.
 Breakfast at the West Side Market in Cleveland. Pasties, pies and more.
 A shot of the hustle and bustle.
Coffee girls staying busy.
 My plane was kind of small, just one little propellor on each side. And it was turbulent enough that we all got air off our seats. Good times!
 Some sort of dance event was going on at the Philly Airport Marriot. 
 The dresses were ridiculous. Also, I'm the paparazzi. 
So excited to see home! The beautiful Olympic Mountains.


  1. That food makes me hungry! Looks delish.

  2. Oh my gosh, that sandwich is NOT for real!!! Hahaha, it looks so funny! And sorta delish, if I'm being honest...

    I would have loved to see those extravagant dresses in person, from what I can see, they look pretty intense!

    Looks like a fun trip :]

  3. You crack me up, girl. You totally are the paparazzi!

  4. Amazing photo's. The first sandwich is my kind of sandwich (:

  5. okay, that sandwich looks absolutely incredible!!! yum!
    xo TJ

  6. I want to eat your travels. Those sandwiches look amazing!