Awkward and Awesome: Bullets Again

It probably seems ridiculous for me to do another bulleted list so soon (as in a day later), but there's nothing you can do to stop this madness. I don't even think I have the power to stop it.

Anyways, you have two choices: read it or ignore it.

- More mold in the apartment. The window surround in our bedroom was gross. And I found two pairs of my heels were beyond saving. Sad days. Also, I'm sharing this with before my landlord...but I did already clean it all up.
- The cover of Time this week. There's nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise. It's not even about the topic, but how the picture was posed and taken.
- My laziness and lack of focus the past two days. Seriously. My projects are taking me forever. Even this oh-so complicated blog post.
- Trying to grocery shop when my list is on the phone I'm talking on. I came with some things I definitely didn't need and without some important items. I'll make it worth.

- A classmate introducing me to the TV show Sports Night. It's pretty awesome and a total flashback. Probably has something to do with the lack of focus mentioned above.
- A trip to Portland this weekend in an RV. Woot woot. It's for class, but I'm hoping to meet up with some good family friends along the way.
- The weather. I mentioned this yesterday, but it's supposed to be in the 80s the entire time I'm down in Portland. I probably should be more upset about this as a sign of global warming or something, but I'm just going to enjoy it.
- Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Fancy cheeses. Tater tots. Though not together.
- Having Amazon Prime and getting things shipped in two days. It's especially good because my vacuum cleaner's bag was getting really full.

I better just stop myself there and try to get a few things done. I'd love to be able to check at least one item off my to-do list tonight. Even if it's just making and eating dinner.

Sadly, it might be a challenge.

Before I go, how's your week?


  1. To be honest my week has been more awkward than awesome this week! And I believe next week will be more of the same! BOO

  2. Omg... The Time cover. That was awful. Maybe I just don't have the nurturing gene... but still... awful...

  3. I completely agree about the Time magazine cover. SERIOUSLY! That poor kid is going to have major issues some day.
    PS. Say hi to those family friends for me!

  4. For the most part, it has been a good week. I did have a tough moment today with a performance review, but it is what it is, and I'll learn from the experience. :/

  5. I've gotten back into exercising every day after the wedding/honeymoon hiatus and it has been brutal; I'm exhausted! Looking forward to some relaxing this weekend in the gorgeous weather...

  6. Pinkberry has chocolate and peanut butter swirled froyo. It's life-changing.

    Your weekend sounds fun! I've always wanted to go on a little road trip in an RV. Yay!

  7. It's funny how EVERYONE is talking about that Time Mag. cover! I have mixed feelings. But basically it makes me want to have babies of my own. Everything makes me want to have babies of my own. Hmmm....

    Enjoy your RV trip! That, and fancy cheese, sounded like the best part of your Awesome!

  8. The cover of TIME...I don't have an issue with it except to point out that the article isn't about breastfeeding, or even breastfeeding in public...it's a profile on the Dr who teaches attachment parenting...so why wouldn't they have him breastfeeding on the cover? I think it was a cheap ploy designed to get people talking (which we are). Unfortunately, it's not making me go out and buy the magazine, so, if that was their goal, it didn't work. And also, as a side note, she is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously. I want to look like her after I've had a kid.

    Have fun in Portland! Wave at us as you drive past Exit 111 :)

    and ps: I love your bulletted lists :)

  9. Have a magnificent time in Portland!!! I'm off to San Diego :]

    Not gonna lie, I've been on a pistachio and peanut butter fro-yo kick lately. Holy amazing.

  10. aw, i always wanted to take a RV road trip! sounds like so much fun!! and portland is amazing!
    xo TJ

  11. Chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream! I have become insanely addicted to Cold Stone Creamery's peanut butter cup perfection (or something like that)... it must have a gazillion calories in it but its so good, sooooo goooooood!

  12. Ehh mold sucks. That defiantly is gross. That cover was ridiculous!

  13. I have no problem with public breast feeding, but when it is an older kid, that creeps me out. There's a certain time frame when children are weaned, and for many children they wean themselves, but this cover made me uncomfortable. Maybe I'm the weird one,