Food and Pictures of Food

I'm making another attempt at getting into a work out routine. I've been running a bit off and on, more "on" recently.

And today my sister and I signed up at a gym just down the road a ways. We've seen ads for the discounted prices and it's close enough to be a quick trip.

I'm especially excited to take advantage of the group fitness classes and theater-style cardio room. I'll have to let you know how well I actually do at going regularly. Luckily my roommate is relying on both my sister and I to visit the gym as well, as our membership came with unlimited guest visits.

We celebrated by going out to dinner tonight and stuffing our faces.

Just kidding, we actually went out because my mother is in town for a couple days and we were too hungry to actually make dinner. Does that happen to anyone else?

Then we watched the Glee finale. What exactly will we have to talk about once all the shows end?!

Just kidding!

Before I head off for the night, I thought I'd share some of my life recently in pictures! P.S. I think it's telling how many of my pictures are related to food.

 Enjoying some sunshine in the park.
 Excited about vacuum bags. How grown up am I?!
 Rosie Thomas concert with a friend.
 Enjoying the Rogue Brewery in Portland.
 Sunset behind downtown Portland.
 Memphis Mafia donut - banana fritter topped with chocolate, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.
 Pickles! Beets, pickles, onions, and more.
 We moved the living room around and the dog loves it!
My favorite chocolate banana muffins. So good! And I used whole wheat flour and substituted apple sauce for the butter so they are a little bit healthy as well.


  1. Having domeone to workout with is always a great motivator! I loooove group classes! I feel the pressure and it makes me workout even harder! Happy sweating! ;-)

  2. Holy hell Memphis Mafia donut!!!

  3. Congrats on the gym membership! :p

    Also, my friend Mon geeked out about her new vacuum cleaner when she got it. No reason to be ashamed... ha!

  4. That plate of pickled foods looks amazing!

    I go to the LA Fitness in Ballard and I'm totally addicted to the group fitness classes. It's the only thing that keeps me motivated and exercising consistently.

  5. Two things from this post:
    I really need to get back into my workout routine too. Well it never really started up how I intended if I'm honest.
    Aaaand Oh Dear God, that banana fritter looks like heaven itself!

  6. All those food pictures made me hungry! And yay about your gym membership!


  7. Yay for joining a gym! Sometimes, I regret cancelling my membership because I miss the group fitness classes. They make working out WAY more fun. Plus, if you pay for something, you're more apt to use it!

  8. oh my gosh ... two things. your dog looking out the window. I melt. And the pickle/beets/everything else, I could eat all of that with a spoon.

  9. ha, don't worry girl, looking through all of my instagram shots i definitely find that food is the underlying theme :)
    xo TJ

  10. Oh man I love Rogue!

    All that food looks amazing.