Waiting for Takeoff

I'm at the airport, ready to board my tenth airplane of the year. I think I counted that correctly. Tonight I'm headed to Minneapolis (for a few short hours). I was lucky enough to find an inexpensive direct flight, but it's also a red eye and only just over three hours, so I won't be getting that much sleep tonight.

I'm actually driving back home from Minnesota with some of the people I traveled through the east coast with, a real road trip. I don't really know what is in store, except maybe some white water rafting. I question whether we'll have time for it, but I imagine my travel partners are determined enough to make it happen.

I also had a presentation and turned in my project for my second class tonight, so I'm pretty much in the home stretch for the quarter. Just one last class meeting on Monday.

Life is really good right now. Possibilities for the future are in the works (nothing concrete, so I don't have anything to share--but I'm hopeful). I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer of class, family visiting, and lots of sunshine.

I've also started working out again semi-regularly (meaning when I'm in town). And I even have more travels coming up. I'm actually using my week between quarters for a couple mini-getaways and I couldn't be more excited about it.

That isn't to say life is perfect, but I feel like I'm in such a good, content place.

The only fly in my ointment, so-to-speak, is the air conditioning unnecessarily running at 11:30pm and a slightly delayed flight.

I'll be sure to report back with my adventures from the road. Until then, do you have any trips or adventures planned--big or small?


  1. So jealous of all your traveling!!

    I'm glad you're in a good place right now. Perfect timing- the summer always holds endless possibilities!

  2. a road trip sounds like such fun!

    xo erica

  3. Road trip and river rafting sounds like so much fun, have a great time!

  4. So lucky! After our California trip last weekend, all I want to do is stay locked up in the house. Driving/riding in the car is the last thing I want to do right now....but alack. Time to take those library books back.

    Happy Trails!

  5. I wish I could travel more. Things are just so busy right now. Lame! I want to have fun!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. wow, 10 years in one year?! insane! safe travels!!
    xo TJ