Awkward and Awesome: Fighting with Stuff

I've been fighting the internet here at my aunt and uncle's all night. Their satellite internet provider oversold their bandwidth so certain times of day are completely impossible. It's like I'm living in the dial-up era. I feel bad for my aunt and uncle having to live with this all the time.

I'm sure any day now their just shoot a new satellite up there. Apparently that's the only option. Which has me thinking, exactly how many satellites are just floating around in the atmosphere.

Anyway, here are my awkward and awesome moments for the week. This was started by Sydney over at the Daybook, in case you are interested (or think I'm the genius--I'm not).

- Almost dying when I accidentally inhaled a jalapeno slice I was chewing on.  I'm usually good with spicy stuff, but this was awful!
- My computer telling me I need to replace the battery.  The hard part is I think I'll need a new computer before too long so spending $150 for a battery doesn't really seem worth it if I'm not going to have it more than 6 months.
- Finding mold growing on my passport. I mean, I know it's been a while since I used it, but not that long.
- Having leftover salad dressing somehow spill out of the closed tupperware and all over my backpack.
- Not being able to find my flight vouchers from Delta. I either put them somewhere so safe and hidden I can't find it, or I tossed them. Neither option is working well for me.
- Having to get new license plates this year and having to pay to keep your old number, but getting a new one for free. Weird.

- Seeing the family this weekend over on the east side of the state. We'll eat food, take pictures, and talk...the usual. Plus I'll get to see my cousin's little guy.
- More travel coming up. I'm in eastern Washington for my cousin's graduation this weekend, will be in Oregon next weekend, and will head out to the middle of the country later this month for a fun road trip. And yes I do enjoy a good roadtrip. Plenty of more pictures to come, too!
- I bought trip insurance for the first time in forever and then used it almost immediately when I figured out that I booked the flight for the wrong day. That's what happens when you are flying out just after midnight.
- Adult capri suns. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? They are the adult beverages that come in the large disposable container that looks like, well, a capri sun. I had a margarita tonight that my aunt gave me.
- Jim Gaffigan's new special. So hilarious. And you can buy it on his website for $5. That's a crazy good deal. Go do it!!
- I have approximately a month left of the quarter. That's not even that much, folks. What are you counting down the days to?

P.S. Jim Gaffigan didn't give me any money. Just laughs.


  1. i used batt depot and it didn't cost much at all!!

  2. :) Love roadtrips! I'm taking one of my own this weekend though it's more of a.. drive to a place and hang out in said destination rather than enjoying the road.

  3. Clearly your passport is telling you to get out there more often ;)

  4. I also found it very strange this year that I had to either pay to keep my license plate number or get a new one for free... huh? Doesn't it cost them more money to print a new one? I opted for free.

  5. Weird about the license plates! Very strange indeed.

    I love a good road trip too - I find something very comforting about being in the car, which is just silly because it's one of the least safe places to be!

  6. Mold on your license? Weird lol. And I HATE it when food spills over my bag!

  7. Moldy passport- brilliant! Haha. Only 7 weeks until I see my family- the excitement! x

  8. I am intrigues by the adult capri sun thing. I hope the straw punches through the packaging easier than the original though.

    Were you storing your passport in a basement? I hope it didn't get mold in a filing cabinet:)


  9. Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X