A Heavy Heart

I've been riveted and saddened by the pictures and videos coming out of Japan.

There's not much I can do about the situation, but be informed (and also, I find the earth and how it works intriguing).

My mind is literally swirling with a million thoughts/feelings related to the earthquake.  And I should probably apologize ahead of time for this next section of somewhat lecture-like writing.  I can't help myself.  Also, I went a little crazy with the links.  You have been warned.

First, I want to encourage everyone to be prepared.  This means having an emergency kit (food, water, and other essentials), as well as being aware of evacuation routes and emergency shelters.  The kit is really important and something we don't have ready in our house.

People in some areas of Japan have now been 3 days without access to food and water.  I can't even imagine.

Knowing how to respond in an emergency, beyond just an earthquake, is important.  For instance, did you know standing in a doorway during an earthquake is actually a bad idea?  The swinging door could really do some damage.

For more resources and information, visit this USGS page.

There are ways to help.  I feel so encouraged, in the midst of this tragedy, by the immediate response from individuals who want to do something.  The Red Cross, as well as many other aid organizations, are outlets for donation.

I just had to show a few of my favorite offerings from Etsy, by artists who are putting some of their income towards relief efforts.  Thanks for sticking it out through my lecture.

30% of the proceeds from this gorgeous necklace by Miko will be donated.

You have your choice of five different prints by erinlarue, with 50% of the proceeds donated.

Sunnyside Arts has a number of t-shirts for sale, with $10 from each sale donated.

50% of the profits from these faceted cups by ippuku will go to the Red Cross.

Finally 100% of the sale of this black walnut bowl by Wethered Wood will be donated.  A little pricey, but when considering the devastation, not quite so much.

There are a lot more options.  These were just a few of my favorites.

I have the people of Japan in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. It's so humbling to see this advanced country just go up in smoke! I am also feeling so somber lately, it's hard to get past it!

  2. I love seeing hard working people going above and beyond to help out. How sweet of all these people to donate profits!!

  3. My Black Walnut Bowl sold on Saturday and the American Red Cross received the $220 the same day. Thanks to everyone for doing what they can to help the Japanese people.