Awkward and Awesome, plus a moment of silence

I have literally been in my sweats all day.  The only time I left the house was to get the mail and to play with the dog.  The weather was glorious during my brief sojourns out.

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- the big dog taking a couple years off of the UPS man's life. And my saying "he's never bit anyone" and the man backpedals as quickly as possible.
- agreeing to work saturday at graduation. I don't regret it, but that doesn't mean I'm happy.  Although considering I haven't work since last Wednesday, I probably should stop with the complaining.
- the lack of gym visits today and yesterday.  I blame basketball and running errands.  Tomorrow it's happening, no matter what.  Especially since we're going to dinner at the delicious Chinese all-you-can-eat place.
- my sleep schedule since daylight savings ended.  My body doesn't even know what's going on.

- finishing the Running o' the Green race last weekend.  I ended up sticking with the 2-mile course due to illness and a lack of preparation.  I ran the whole way and finished faster than I expected, not that my time was actually fast.
- plans for a longer race, and therefore motivation, when my cousin comes for a month-long visit this summer.
- the fact that March Madness and classes ending for the quarter coincided.  I am one happy basketball fan.  Also, I picked the Richmond Spiders for the upset.  Spiders are dangerous, yo.
- Ordering a replacement phone -- I've been having trouble with random shut-downs and problems charging -- which will hopefully carry me to the iPhone 5 release this summer.  Since my grad program is Master's of Communication in Digital Media, I feel like I should probably have a smart phone.  Seems like a good excuse to me.
- Wear not one, but two green shirts today.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

And finally, tomorrow I'm not blogging in support of Japan.  Bloggers around the web are joining the movement started by Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours.
Visit For Japan With Love or stop by their fundraising page to donate.  All donations go directly to ShelterBox for disaster relief.

Enjoy your Thursday night!


  1. "Spiders are dangerous, yo."
    Bahahahahahaha. You're super funny and apparently clairvoyant!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. 2 green shirts!? over achiever!!

  3. I've been in loungewear and stuck in the house the past couple of days. Sick toddler land. Ugh. I hope you got out are enjoying the weekend!