I finished the 30 for 30!  Yay!

To be honest, I really didn't find this to be a huge challenge.  Maybe I picked my items well, maybe the structure was easier for me to deal with, or maybe a lot of my outfits looked the same.  I'm not sure.  

Whatever the reason, I actually liked having limited options.  Maybe I get overwhelmed by all my choices.  

This challenge also gave me a chance to get to know my camera and photoshop a little better, which is always fun. 

I am looking forward to having my blog back, even if that means I'm posting a little less often.

Unfortunately for you all, I'm giving you my last 9 outfits all at once, which means this post is a little on the lengthy side.  I did narrow it down to one picture for (almost) every outfit though.  You are welcome!  

And if I'm being honest, and I do try, outfit #30 wasn't actually worn in real life.  I had actually had it in my head since the beginning, but it wasn't functional for my everyday life.  I just couldn't resist throwing it in at the end.

To see a round up of all my outfits from the past month, and to hear which ones were my favorites, head on over to my 30 for 30 page.

Now I'm going to enjoy not having to take pictures of everything I'm wearing and enjoy the company of a couple hoodies.  Or wait, was that not the point? 

Shirt: Old Navy; belt: can't remember; necklace: Grammacy's; dress (as skirt): Nordstrom; tights: Hue; boots: JC Penney

Scarf: Old Navy; shirts and jeans: Gap; shoes: converse

Scarf: Gap; sweater: ??; skirt: Lands End; tights: American Apparel; boots: JC Penney

Shirt & cardigan: Gap; Scarf: gift from cousin; jeans: Nordstrom; boots: Steve Madden; socks: American Apparel

Scarf & cardigan: Old Navy; dress: Nordstrom; tights: Hue; boots: Steve Madden

Shirts & jeans: Gap; scarf: can't remember; boots: JC Penney

Cardigan: Old Navy; shirt: can't remember; jeans: Nordstrom; argyle socks: gift; boots: Steve Madden
This necklace was a Valentine's gift from my mom.  Thanks Mama!!
Shirt: Gap; dress & cardigan: Nordstrom; tights: Hue; boots: JC Penney

Sweater & button-up: Old Navy; Skirt: Gap; tights: American Apparel; shoes: Kohls


  1. Congrats on being finished! I love those tights in the last outfit!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  2. a hoody would have had to be in my 30, haha :)

  3. Whhooohoooo! *happy dance* Congrats on finishing 30 for 30. I could never do that, because I am addicted to shopping. Sad, but true. So what are your future plans? Shopping? Do it again? Disneyland? (I figure professional athletes say it all the time, why can't master remixers say it too?)