Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Today started out a little rough, which you'll read about below, but got better, also below.  I definitely prefer that format to my day than the reverse.  I'd rather go to bed relaxed.

Maybe I'm weird though.  It seems likely.

Currently, I'm watching Selling New York on HGTV.  These people have ridiculous money.  A woman is paying over $2,700 a month on rent.  One man just referred to his feng shui master.  You know what I have?  Two dogs lying on my couch.  That seems pretty feng shui-y.

Now that I've gotten some good rambling in, I'll move onto my Awkward and Awesomes for the week.

- Forgetting my parking pass, again, and almost was late to work.  Ooops.  But I made it.
- Speed walking that resulted in me sweating and out of breath
- The rain shower on my walk back to my car.  I was not happy about the wind and freezing rain.
- Our big dog has a cone on his head to protect his eye, a bootie on his foot to protect his itchy shoulder, and a urinary tract infection.  Poor puppy!
- The text from my supervisor that turned out to be harmless, but scared me half to death.  "Stop by the office as soon as possible."  Alls well that ends well.
- Running in a 5 mile race next weekend.  I don't even want to mention how little I've been exercising.  I'm probably going to die.  Or my friend will be carrying me.

- Dinner at one of my favorite local spots and discovering hot honey lemonade.  So delicious!
- My work assignment for tomorrow at a showing of a musical/opera.  Should be fun and interesting.
- Almost being done with the quarter.  5 work days left.
- Having more money in my savings account than I have left to pay on my car.  Sweet!  (How adult does that make me sound?!)
- No major plans for the weekend, except, hopefully, a couple runs.  Even short distance at this point would be good.
- Signing up for a CSA for the summer.  This means weekly grown, fresh produce every week.  A garden isn't realistic for us, so this is a great option.

Now excuse me as I learn more about feng shui.  It's very crucial to my well being and future happiness.


  1. Ooohhhh... enjoy your relaxing weekend!

    I really hate calls/texts from the boss like that. I got the call "can you come into my office right now?" with a stern voice a few months ago. Turns out it was my holiday bonus. My boss likes to think he's funny like that.