Awkward and Awesome: From the Sick Bed

I'm home sick today, which was supposed to be my last working day of the month.  While I'm sad to be missing out on a few hours of pay, my fever and sore throat are keeping me home.

I actually didn't get out of bed until about 10:30am.  I actually have some big, exciting news (and if you read my mom's blog you already know what it is), but I'm waiting for a little more info to blast it to the internets.  I will say that I know what I'm doing for the next two years.

With that teasing hint, I'll leave you with my Awesome and Awkwards for the week.  Join in by linking up over at Sydney's blog.

- My interactions with the security/gate guard on campus.  This could probably be an entire post of its own.  Our conversations are like the movie Groundhog's Day--it's the same thing over and over.
- My prep run last weekend for this weekend's supposed race.  I made it 2.5 miles (this weekend is supposed to be 5) and I was sore for days.  I had forgotten how hilly and not flat the course was.  I think I'm downgrading to the 2 mile fun run just to make sure I survive.  That is if I'm recovered enough to make it at all.
- Having a fever for the first time in years.  It is the beginning of March and I spent yesterday alternating between sweating and shivering.  Good times.  My dad is also sick.  Fun times in our house.
- Having my hair appointment somehow disappear.  Seriously.  I have an appointment card saying I was supposed to go in Wednesday afternoon, but when I called after not receiving a reminder call, they had nothing on file.  So weird.

- I went to a small group this weekend from the church I usually attend.  It was just what I needed.
- Plans made late last night to go to Taste Washington with some local bloggy online friends.  Something fun to look forward to for my spring break.  Now I just need to buy the ticket.
- My healthy and delicious food yesterday.  I made myself with a smoothie with Greek yogurt, frozen berries, honey, and spinach, and quinoa with apple cider, peeled and sliced apples, cinnamon and cloves.  So yummy.
- The online shopping I did this week.  After taking February off, I went a little crazy.  My cousin and I got matching Ariat boots, two pairs of glasses, pearl earrings (free with Groupon), and some makeup.  It's going to be like Christmas in the mail for the next couple weeks.
- Finishing my taxes. I have to resubmit them because I used the wrong AGI (I submitted my taxes twice and forgot to get the AGI off my amended return), but I'm getting a nice little chunk of change back.
- Paying off my car loan.  It's happening in the next month, and I can't wait.  That makes me feel so adult.
- March Madness, literally my favorite season of the year.


  1. I'm so excited for Taste WA! I am going to try to get my ticket from Wine World tonight so I don't have to pay the TicketMaster fees ... if you want me to get you one, let me know!

  2. YAY for all of us going to Taste WA! I'm so excited :-)

  3. Congrats on paying off the car loan! Yay for a little more extra cash laying around! :)

    But boooo on the hair appointment. I hope you were still able to go?

  4. I want to know what the news is!!! And I just got over the worst flu ever...I haven't been that sick in awhile, my throat and head still feel funny but at least i'm not shivering and sweating in bed anymore!