Awkward and Awesome: Sponsored by Spring Break

I'm keeping this one short and sweet, mostly because I'm running out of Thursday to actually complete it.  Thank goodness I live on the west coast.

- Not being sure of the last time I wore jeans.  It might've been Tuesday when I took the dog to the vet.  Maybe.
- Somehow pulling/over working the muscles in the middle of my back.  Weirdly, the pain started yesterday evening, a day I took off.  I'm hoping it's a short-term issue, obviously, since I lifted again today.
- The number of times UPS has been by our house recently.  I have a problem, which I already admitted.  (I'm so smart, S-M-R-T.)
- How much I sweat.  I'm not one of the sparkly, glistening, shimmery girls (or however that phrase goes).

- An updated hair do.  Mostly just the color.  I'm back to a vibrant auburn-red.  After this though, I think I'm headed back to brown.  The upkeep (a.k.a. cost) is a killer.
- The multiple trips I'm getting out of my last week at the gym.  And I feel in better shape already.  Now I just need to sustain this at home.
- My alma mater, the Cougs, making it to Madison Square Garden for the NIT semifinals.  I know it's the junior varsity tournament, but they are still playing in March and have the easier match up.  And only three of them have been charged for marijuana-related offenses.  Winning!
- The number of sweatshirts and sweatpants I have.  Even if I'm not really getting dressed every day, at least I'm not wearing the exact same thing.
- Getting my pay check and my tax return tomorrow.
- Sunshine.  Vitamin D does a body good.


  1. No kidding about the expense in keeping up a specific color! I think I'd be one of those girls who changes the color of her hair with her mood if I could afford it... I constantly go back and forth from wanting to put blonde back in, or maybe go darker, add some red, etc etc...

  2. I wish I could stay at dark brown but yah - the price! guess its dirty blonde for me foreva and eva!

  3. My hair is completely natural right now because I can't afford to maintain the usual highlights I have. I hate it! It's so dull and boring. I'm tempted to go to Target and get a DIY at-home kit...

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Fun post! Enjoy your time off. xo style, she wrote