A Few Weeks Off

I've been work free since Wednesday, March 9, except for a short stint last weekend at graduation.

And it's been lovely, except for the lack of income and all the free time spent browsing and buying online.

My sleep schedule has also been completely thrown out of whack.  Many mornings I'm not awake until after 10am.  This is all well and good now, but I have a feeling it will make for a rough first week back next week.

The past two weeks have been deliciously relaxing (read: lazy), though I have been working hard to get to the gym.  I only got a quarter-long membership so I only have until Sunday to get my fill in.

I don't plan on re-upping for spring quarter.  Between increased work hours and the start of the lawn mowing season, I don't think I'll have the time to get many work outs in.

I do hope, however, to continue running.  I have plans for a few races through the spring and summer, with the end goal being a 7 miler in July with my cousin.  And since I can't really run 7 miles right now, I probably need to prepare.

I have a few plans for my last few days of freedom, the most exciting being Taste Washington this weekend.  It's a wine/food tasting of local businesses and to make it even better, I'm meeting up with some blog friends for it.

Even for all my laziness, this break has been great.  I found out I will get a raise at work and some good friends are moving back to the area from North Carolina.  I was in their wedding 4 years ago and can't wait to see them more often.

Lastly, the weather the past few days has been amazing.  Today it was so nice, my mom and I sat outside and read.  Of course, it's supposed to rain off and on for the next week, but that's pretty much spring in this area for you.

For now, I'm getting back to some college basketball.  My alma mater is in a close game in the NIT.  A win will send them on to Madison Square Garden.  Go Cougs!


  1. Sounds lovely. :)

    And you're right- during the summer I feel like there are hundreds of other ways to get some movement in other than go to the gym... smart move.

  2. you're a busy girl! (even if its busy chillaxin) i want to go to that taste thing!!