An Addiction (that won't stop)

After taking February off from shopping while participating in 30-for-30, I've hit the stores (mostly online) with a vengeance this month.

Shoes, as usual, have been calling my name.

First came these cowboy boots.  Ariat came up on Rue La La.  I showed my cousin, only serving to enable us both.  Now we're going to be boot twins.

Next, I was looking at a list of 10 "unknown" shoe brands and came across Chelsea Crew shoes at Lulu*s.

After some (unnecessary) encouragement from my mom, I selected these lovely pumps.  And to make myself feel a little less guilty, I am getting rid of my current red heels.  It's not about more, it's about more beautiful.

My brother's birthday was yesterday and I also got him shoes.  I had actually gone to the mall with an idea in mind.  Unfortunately his size-14 feet limited my options.

Then I signed up for Amazon Student (thanks, grad school), which included free 2-day shipping, and picked out these babies.  He loved them, I loved them, everybody wins.

Finally, (yes, I was out of control. thank you for noticing) I saw shoes on sale on Amazon from my favorite brand, Seychelles, and snatched them up.

I had stopped myself from buying a different pair from Nordstrom that was also on sale and still regret it even if my wallet doesn't.

Needless to say, it's probably time to take a break from shopping.  The only thing in my favor, besides really great taste in shoes (if I do say so myself) is the fact that I am actually getting rid of shoes as these come in.

That must count for something.

Also, some of the improvement in our economy can probably be attributed to my addiction.


  1. OHMY...those shoes are amazing. I've always wanted cowboy boots, but Hawaii is lacking in that department. LOL.

  2. I love the red heels! And I've been wanting a pair of cowboy boots for the longest time, those are super cute!

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  3. Those cowboy boots! Those red heels! I don't know if it's permissible to use as many exclamation marks as I so dearly want to show my full appreciation for these footed beauties!
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog post about dressing for The Rules. I really appreciate that you read the post and took some time to leave thoughtful feedback!

  4. I LOVE the motto it's not about more but more beautiful, that is awesome :)

  5. oh my dear i am LOVING those red heels. LOVE.