Welcome to the Jungle

I just got back from Monte Verde. The weekend was so full I don't even know how to succinctly sum it up.

Instead I'm copping out and using bullets. Hate me if you want.

The weekend consisted of:
  • Driving for hours on dirt (not to be confused with gravel) roads up the sides of mountains.
  • Eating delicious, locally made milkshakes.
  • Seeing monkeys, coatis, tarantulas, snakes, crickets, and all sorts of other animals in the wild.
  • Lacking in sleep due to early mornings and a wicked storm during the night.
  • Monster ziplines!
  • Meeting people from around the world.
  • and much, much more.
I fly home in less than 24 hours, about 17 actually, and hopefully sometime later this week I can sum up the adventure, provide a few of my favorite photos, and get back to my regular shenanigans (a.k.a. having nothing special to say).

Until then, keep it real.

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